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An index and links to all currently effective Energy XXI Pipelines, LLC and EPL Pipelines, LLC tariffs, including Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC), and non-jurisdictional tariffs, are provided below.

Effective July 1, 2023

Cox Oil Index of Tariffs – July 2023

EXXI FERC No. 3.0.0

EXXI FERC No. 4.14.0

EXXI II NJCC No. 1.3.0

EXXI II NJCC No. 2.1.0

EXXI II NJCC No. 5.0.0

EXXI II NJCC No. 4.0.0

EPL FERC No. 3.0.0

EPL FERC No. 4.12.0

EPL FERC No. 5.12.0

EPL FERC No. 6.12.0

EPL FERC No. 7.12.0

EPL LPSC No. 1.0.0

EPL LPSC No. 3.9.0

EPL NJCC No. 1.0.0

EPL NJCC No. 2.0.0